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Monocle with gilded flourishes laying on an open book

The Guilded Monocle

fiction, fantasies, fancies and otherwise

Welcome to the Guild!

We are a group of writers - a guild - and because we are neurodivergent, we see and understand things a bit differently sometimes, as if through a lens - a monocle, as you will.



We hope to inspire like-minded souls: neurodivergent writers, creatives and their allies. We (Adriana and Lena) have been vicariously innocent since 19... something or other. As star crossed friends for over ten years, we decided writing romance and fantasy stories was a great way to stay in touch during the pandemic. (We've also stretched our fingers and brains a bit into other genres.) Since then we have both (finally) been diagnosed as neurodivergent, and during our waiting time have learned a lot more about other types of neurospiciness. So of course we can't stick to just one thing on this site - we have blog posts on writing, posts on what we've written (short stories, micro fiction and flash fiction), posts about where we've explored (travel), items that have helped us (shopping, travel etc.), and of course prompts and dopamine energizers- whatever they may be.   ​ We hope to make you smile, laugh, and think.  Please join us as we begin writing together.

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"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

- Douglas Adams

Fictions and Fantasies

stock photo of aged romantic papers with a cup of tea.

Writing Tips

Really short tips for those like us that are new to creative writing and links to those we learn from

a stock photo of an open book

Micro Fiction

Micro-fiction stories of 100, 250, & 500 words and the feedback we received.

Short Stories

Uhm this is exactly what you think.

Short stories 

stock photo of aged romantic papers with a cup of tea.


Underwhelming writing prompts for busy people and those easily overwhelmed. 

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At most an email a week about a new post- but that is a stretch:)

Fancies & Otherwise

Collective appreciation of curiosity and creativity (all with slightly abnormal takes)


Modifications & Musings

Just like physical exercises we like our mental exercises and projects to have modifications. One size does not fit all, especially when you are neurospicy or creative.  So we've compiled some life and writing tips here. If they don't help then they are just musings:)


Ramblings & Research

Adriana needs to travel like most need air. While traveling she is hunting down literary inspiration and having a grand time along the way. Travel does play havoc with her anxiety, and perfectionist tendencies when planning. But join us for inspiration and exploration!


Divergent Dopamine (AKA shopping links)

Well ADHD and Amazon are a dangerous combination, but we've done our best to find things that we love or are very helpful in our creative pursuits, travels and life. 


Reviews (books and tech)

We both keep trying out new things to see if they work better than what we've used before. So we will give you our honest reviews on what we try. So you don't have to!

Latest Posts

*Please note, reading times are automatically website generated, and seem to be for non-neurospicy readers - Adriana takes a minute or two longer than the suggested times as does Google Chrome's speech feature, unless at a hurried speed that invokes its own anxiety:)
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