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Gifts for the Neurodivergent Writer

A curated list of things we love and you might too.

(In fact we love them so much, we might be including some of them in our upcoming subscription box!)

  1. Support their boundaries and need for quiet and space - this is by far the most important! It is monetarily free but takes understanding. Don't expect them to go on about their work in progress, but mentioning positive things about them writing is always appreciated.

  2. Pomodoro timers - there are several options, from cubes to dodecagons to visual times and apps like "flow" - we love these!

  3. Calm strips and fidgets - Movement and textures can calm neurodivergent brains as much as they can aggravate- so these can be tricky. Nevertheless it is the thought that counts, and recognizing and celebrating differences through a gift is always a kind thing to do, even if they don't use it or it is not perfect:) Calm strips are very cool and have different textures to choose from. They are the original and won't scratch your laptop screen when you close it:)

  4. Food delivery card / credit - Neurodivergent or not the gift of food is a an offer of caring in every culture I know of. It is a gesture of care. Food delivery makes this much easier - even for picky eaters:).

  5. A journal from their favorite company or in their favorite style. You will have to ask about this as not just any journal will do. We will still use it, but it will mean more if you ask about preferences. (Possible options, journals with a ribbon to mark the page, pen holder, closing strap, or texture embossed pages.)

  6. Support, contribute, or fund a membership or subscription. Again we know this is not as fun, but ask them what use or are curious about. Many of us need more than the 'free period' to really use and explore a new software. Each person will like their own. Adriana likes, for line edits, while Lena likes Adriana likes and GoogleDocs for writing, while Lena like . So it is truly to each their own.

  7. Writing prompt books especially in their genre. These are almost always useful and helpful, even if only half used. (Please keep in mind most ADHD people may only use 10-20 pages but will really enjoy it just the same).

  8. Side quests and crafts - it isn't about writing but learning about other things and finding new creative outlets can help the writing process.

  9. Giftcard to , , or similar. This may be the best as we can purchase in whatever medium suits us.

  10. Writing subscription box! (We will have our own soon on!) Until then and brainfetti look quite cool!

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