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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hello we are Lena and Adriana. We both like reading fantasy novels of all kinds. Lena leans towards the fairy tales, while myself (Adriana) leans towards the low fantasy and steampunk genres. We both enjoy romances from historical fictions to modern love.  Our longer writing reflects these interests while we try to stretch our fingers and proverbial wings into other genres for micro-fiction and short stories. 

Please remember we are people too. We are constantly learning and listening while on this journey and hope to improve every day. 


Tropical Leaves

Our Story

Lena and Adriana became friends in Hawaii, but have crossed and missed paths several times. Although we now live 1,000 miles apart, creative writing brought us closer during the pandemic. From the southwestern deserts, to Caribbean islands, to Oahu and Oregon we developed parallel interests and loves in the outdoors, the ocean, flora and fauna, and now writing. Join us for this latest adventure! 

Meet The Team

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