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Welcome to the Neurospicy Corner!

Updated: May 4

Hello ' Fellow neurodivergent/neurospicy friends and allies!

I know, first off--definitions.

Both Lena and Adriana have recently been diagnosed as ADHD Innatentive. Finally! now that we are in our 40s. I, Adriana have been managing my depression, anxieties and sensory sensitivities- my whole life, but clinically for over 20 years now.

  1. We all experience life and this world differently, everything expressed here and in this blog and site are simply our own experiences and we are sharing them in case they might help you. Nothing is one size fits all, so take everything with a pound of salt. Keep what helps you and discard what doesn't.

  2. While do not directly address Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Bipolar syndrome etc.--we are not excluding you. We do not want to pretend that we have knowledge about those experiences. However, there are many overlaps of everything so maybe you will still find something useful:)

  3. Not everything will be helpful, but we hope to get a conversation going and share tips that might make at least a few minutes of each day a little easier.

  4. Neither of us are medical professionals in any manner. All recommendations are our opinions only. Your doctors, medical professionals and non profit allies are still your best and strongest helpers.

And with that Welcome! We are happy you are here!

Oh and I almost forgot - please forgive us for our sporadic posting, we are most likely either staring at a wall or on an exciting side quest but we will post, eventually:)

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