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Ringing in New York (250 word-revised-genre:romantic comedy/action: delivering a package/word shock)

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Sarah pulled on her sweatshirt and plopped down on the couch. She looked at her phone, wondering why Tommy hadn’t responded to her last text. It had been a couple hours already, that was totally unlike him. She was in culture shock after having moved to New York City from Wheatfield, Indiana where she had worked on her family’s farm. Her blog about cooking and farm life had scored her a job with Food & Wine. It had only been a month, but she missed seeing Tommy’s smiling face and wanted to vent after a grueling day.

She heard a knock on her door. She opened the door to an Elvis impersonator wearing a jumpsuit that was large for his thin frame. “I’m delivering a package for, Miss Sarah Dale,” he drawled in an over-the-top southern accent. He began singing “Teddy Bear” as she opened the package. She pulled out a teddy bear with a chain around its neck, a vintage sapphire engagement ring hung from it.

She looked past Elvis looking for Tommy. She shouted his name and slid past the singing man and ran down the hall, looking around. She heard the beginning verse of “Fools Rush In” and spun around. The Elvis impersonator, down on one knee, removed his sunglasses with a smile she’d always recognize. She ran into his arms and they toppled over. Sarah kissed him with fervor.

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