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Coffee at the Dog Park(250 word-revised-genre:rom-com/action:grinding coffee beans/word:tense)

Sandy scanned the park, unclipping Baxter’s leash; she spotted bulldogs, chihuahuas, and various mixes frolicking around. No rambunctious schnauzer, no Cute Schnauzer Guy.

She remembered his tense smile, the first time she saw him when Baxter, her Great Dane mix playfully nipped at his pup, “He’s a gentle giant,” she assured him.

After that, they exchanged pleasantries and smiles, sharing their woes that their dogs always dragged them out of their houses before their caffeine fix. Sandy hoped this was the day they’d have a meaningful conversation that might lead to a date.

Sandy began walking along the perimeter, watching Baxter play with a St. Bernard mix almost as big as him. She exchanged smiles with its owner. She hugged herself as the autumn wind blew.

Birds sang, dogs barked playfully, and dog owners chatted. A loud whirring sound shattered the serene scene. Startled dogs shot past her. A spotted chihuahua barreled into her ankles then retreated to its owner. She turned around to see the Cute Schnauzer Guy on a picnic blanket holding a battery-powered coffee grinder. She walked toward him and watched as he transferred the freshly ground coffee into a French press and added hot water from a thermos. She noticed a pastry box his dog was sniffing intently and two ceramic coffee cups. She stopped feeling defeated. There must be a Mrs. Cute Schnauzer Guy.

He looked up and smiled at her while holding up the French press.

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