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Cutting an Impression (100 word micro-fiction genre: Comedy/action: Chopping a vegetable /word:hyper

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Bernie huffed, then opened yet another drawer in the hyper-organized kitchen. ‘Where’s a knife?she wondered as she regretted trying to impress Derrick with their swanky but nerdy Airbnb rental.

“Finally!—” Bernie brandished a knife-like thing, with a lightsaber handle?

She sighed then looked longingly at the cupcakes. “No, sweets are the dark side. We’re being healthy,” she said to the ‘knife’.

She chopped a carrot. The toy made a WHOOSHing sound. She jumped, laughed, then finished the salad.

“You’re a sexy sight to behold, Bernadette,” Derrick’s husky voice chuckled at her robotic sounds and flourishes.

Bernie blushed furiously.

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