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Welcome writing and reading friends!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Hello and welcome to the Guilded Monocle. We are Adriana and Lena, two friends that began writing during the pandemic. We've enjoyed it so much we decided to continue and share some of our writings, lessons learned and hopefully build our writing community. Or our 'guild' so to speak.

Two bronze statues of small sparrow like birds
Birds of a feather ... and all that:)

We started our journey by writing and discussing, ' The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron over three months. We definitely each had our own experience and drew different lessons and inspiration from that process. (More to come in a future book review. )

Next we entered several of NYC Midnight's challenges. We did their 100 and 250 Flash Fiction, screenplay and short story challenges. We both agreed that somehow paying to enter made us actually participate even if we were busy with life. The short deadlines helped too.

Next our burgeoning creativity, curiosity and possible insanity took us to NaNoWriMo. We both wrote 50,000 plus word novels in November of 2021. We are trudging through the painful editing process now.

So join us for more candid accounts and musings as we learn what works for us and might work for you.

Happy writing!


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