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It's been a while...

Welcome back!

Well, probably like all of you life has gotten in the way of writing and honestly living the way we would like. But enough with excuses, we are going to rededicate ourselves to this blog for at least as long as my beer lasts. (Let's not be too harsh on ourselves, again I will set low expectations, in order to exceed them -- only to fail so miserably a snake trail is higher.

Again I digress, back to the point of the post. Times are tough, we are tired, we are exhausted, depending on where you are in the world it is on fire, freezing, flooding, exploding or other dramatic verbs. Add to that the media turning turmoil into silly putty - its either dramatically worse than it is, or they don't cover it. Which I think infuriates us all in some way.

And I've digressed again-- any one noticing a pattern:)

So what prompted me to finally write today? Well, I got Covid for the 2nd time, I'm on my period - and the kicker - I finally upgraded my computer and operating system only to lose 2MONTHS OF BOOK EDITING! Luckily I haven't been super motivated, but the few times I took to edit my book have been lost. So I'm pretty frustrated. Okay really $#*&ing frustrated.

On the other hand I believe in Murphy's law and the law of three, so that's three inconveniences but not horrible things- so I'm okay with that.

Lena and I are going to be researching more into writing and editing for neurodivergents, and trying to figure out the best way to display some options. However, in the meantime if anyone has great links or suggestions - for the love of the universe and cheese please share!! We don't believe in recreating the wheel.

don't worry more jibberish to come:)

-- With 6 foot hugs---


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