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#Beyond Van Gogh

Yesterday my sister took me to see Beyond Van Gogh an immersive experience. The front room had lighted boards to learn about his life. There were passages from letters between Vincent and his brother Theo as well as life summaries and musings. All before we walked into a huge room with three pillars in the middle - illuminated by projections. The floors and the walls seemed to ebb and flow with the music and the non existent breeze. Small animations engaged you in the projections, from eyes blinking in portraits, to crows seeming to fly against a moving sky, or stars swirling in a night sky. The colors the feelings, the light, the dark it all culminated to help my writer's soul to finally pop back up and say hello.

So yes, there will be several instagram posts with Van Gogh quotes and paintings to come. Also it helped me to remember that not all we write has to marketable or consumed. Sometimes the most emotive, telling and timeless thing we can write is a letter to a loved one.

Next time you hit that wall of writer's block, peruse some art, while listening to music or write a letter or short postcard to a friend or family member. You are still feeding your creative soul and get adulting points for that. In this crazy world give yourself space to hold and grace to believe in yourself. You are wonderful. You don't need to be more than you are, you just need to breathe and be.

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