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Free Story Arc Templates

When I'm writing I like to be inspired by visuals. Personally I'm a pantser / plantser. But I like using Pinterest, Canva, and Tidal to inspire me visually and aurally.

(To use the following template you need a account. They are free, but can be paid if you want to use certain media. Overall it's awesome and lets you design everything from invites, to websites, to posters, and templates. They have lots of helpful short how to videos if you are not familiar with their site. Basically it is a simplified drag and drop site to make anyone a graphic designer. )

Simply click on the graphic below or the link below it. Follow the link to, make a copy of the template and adjust it as you like. You can change the fonts, shapes, sizes and more. I hope this inspires you as much as it does me.

We have two other iterations as well, just depending on your design style.

Happy plotting!

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